I'm back!

The rumors of my return are true and have not been exaggerated...

Hey there friend! Long time no talk. If you’re getting this email, you subscribed to my TinyLetter newsletter at some point in the past. I’ve moved everyone over to Substack which is where I hope to publish more regularly. I’m also working on some very long form content on Medium but don’t worry, I’ll let you know about that content here when I publish. I’m also going to get more active on Instagram (follow me there!) and I’m still a Twitter fan (you can follow me there too!).

My goal is to send you a weekly-ish email with links to all the articles I’ve recently read. Some of these will be tech articles which I’ll probably discuss on the Tech Talk Y’all podcast (you’re already a listener, right?) but other articles will be way outside of this space. I may even throw in a recommendation around a TV show, movie, band, or song that strikes my fancy.

Thanks for following along. Real content coming at you soon.

Your friend,


P.S. I’d love for you to share this newsletter with others so I can find more folks interested in learning about the things I’m working on or thinking about. If this isn’t your bag, feel free to drop from being a subscriber. It won’t hurt my feelings. Mostly.

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