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  • I had no idea how the global trade of flowers was so involved. It’s funny that the country that is often pointed at for the absurdity of their Tulip mania is now in control of over 40% of the worldwide $8.5 billion market of cut flowers. Just like the Tulip mania of 1637, this is not going well now. The market has crashed due to supply chain issues and the cancellation of events worldwide. This has far reaching consequences which is true of nearly any industry right now reliant on a global supply chain. But in this case the lowest workers involved in this supply chain live on hundreds of dollars a month and there is no work-from-home option or Paycheck Protection Plan for them. Expect a sharp increase in global poverty due to coronavirus in the future but importantly, how do we protect the supply chain and workers from a disruption like this in the future? (link)

  • The movie business is being disrupted since no one is currently (well, until this week) going to theaters. I watched the movie “Extraction” on Netflix (if you’re into action flicks, I’d recommend it) which was originally going to theaters but then ended up going direct to streaming. But that isn’t to say that theaters are going to take this lying down. Universal’s CEO said that their three-week $100 million in premium video-on-demand for Trolls World Tour was signaling that in the future they would release movies to theaters and VOD at the same time. This wasn’t something that AMC’s CEO appreciated who then fired off a letter saying that AMC would no longer show any Universal film because of these comments. Wow, this is going to be interesting to watch. (link)


  • The Pentagon has confirmed previous leaked videos of unexplained aerial phenomena (they apparently don’t like calling them flying objects because to be honest, they might not be objects and could be something else - what, I don’t know). So the Pentagon has decided to release video of UFOs during a pandemic. Must be a coincidence though. 🤔 (link)


  • I want to part with you about two stories of love in the time of a pandemic. First is a story of a 89 year-old German ma and a 85 year-old Danish woman who continue their romance across the closed Danish-German border. (link)

  • In NYC, there is a story documented via TikTok/Instagram videos by Jeremy Cohen. Jeremy is a photographer who has been documenting roof culture in NYC (only in a pandemic would there be something like roof culture). Through doing that, he noticed a girl (aka Quarentine Cutie) and struck up a relationship with her - from her roof to his balcony starting with a drone (yes, it’s 2020 friends). There are five parts to the story so far and really he gets bonus points for doing a Say Anything/Lloyd Dobler serenade in the fifth installment (I don’t think Jeremy is into kickboxing though). Check out the videos in the links. (video one, two, three, four, five)


I didn’t know nerdcore hip-hop was a thing until Madison Hogan sent this link of Alex Trebek roasting a contestant about her love of this genre. So I thought I’d dig in and man oh man, there is some hilarity here. So I’m recommending you check out the “Godfather” of nerdcore hip-hop, MC Frontalot’s song “First World Problem”. With the challenges we’re going through right now being locked down due to coronavirus, this seems to be quite an appropriate song for a lot of people complaining about not being able to go outside.

Recommendation Addendum

Last time I mentioned that I thought I heard the song “Dream Girl” by Anna of the North on an Apple ad. I’ve now absolutely confirmed this is true hearing it on the Apple television ad for their new iPad Pro with backup confirmation from Whew! Glad I’m not imagining things.